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2006 Pictures and Info

What a season! no snow then warm weather once we finally get snow (mid January!) and I have a torn Anterior Cruciate ( Blown Knee!) Needless to say it was not our best season, we barely got any mushing done. But our dogs were out and about. Here are some pics of our guys on the local trails and soon photos of some of our dogs on two day 180 Km ling trips!

This is Sly's first time in lead AND he is doing it single! What a star!!!
Behind him is his daddy, Lakota and Arnie

Alley, Ember ............. King, Torch ................. Me!

I liked the 4 dog team so much I took them out again.

Some of our crew now live up in the Yukon.
Here are a few of them coming home from a 2 day, 180 Km trip.


Gunner                                            Couper


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